Cyprus extends a compelling Permanent Residency initiative to non-European Union nationals, rendering it a sought-after destination for individuals seeking a stable and enjoyable lifestyle within the European Union. This program holds particular appeal for investors, retirees, and entrepreneurs aspiring to establish roots in Cyprus.

Investing in real estate opens the door to acquiring a Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus, offering several advantages:

Permit issued swiftly, typically within 2 months

Minimal residency obligation, requiring only a visit to Cyprus once every two years

Extended to all family members

Lifetime validity without the need for periodic renewal

Facilitates the establishment of a business in Cyprus and the receipt of shareholder dividends


To qualify for Cyprus Permanent Residency through investment, candidates must meet the following conditions:

Investment Threshold

The foremost requirement entails investing a minimum of €300,000 in residential real estate. Square One Property Partners is equipped to assist you in locating suitable investment properties.

Financial Stability and Source of Funds

Applicants need to demonstrate a steady and legitimate source of income. Documentation validating the source of funds, such as bank statements, tax filings, and business records, will be essential.

Clean Criminal Background

Applicants and dependents aged 16 and above must furnish a clear criminal record from their country of residence.

Residential Address

Candidates are required to furnish a valid residential address in Cyprus.

Health Insurance

It is obligatory for all applicants to furnish evidence of valid health insurance coverage in Cyprus.