Permanent Residence

Many investors manage to gain permanent residence by investing and migrating overseas with their families. Specifically, one way they manage to gain permanent residence status is by investing in real estate. That can be either private homes or business offices, depending on what would the investor be interested in.

Another way an investor can get residency by investment is by joining job creation programs. This might mean opening a company in the country they wish to receive residency status. Additionally, the government can give the opportunity to any investor to invest their funds in governmental bonds and securities. Both the countries that receive the investments as well as the investors who wish to receive their residency by investment can benefit.

Here at Panaretos Contractors & Developers, we have specialized and experienced teams that can assist with all those options. We have expert consultants that can assist investors choose the best real estate options to invest in. Moreover, we have a team of experts that deals with in-depth foreign investors programs as well as economic development projects.

Permanent Residence Benefits

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