About Limassol

Known to many as Limassol, Lemesos is one of Cyprus’ most underrated cities for different reasons. Although fringed on its eastern edge by a glut of bland-looking developments, the core is full of character. Wrapped around a castle, the historic center radiates out in a web of lanes where old, shuttered houses and modern boutiques lie cheek by jowl. It’s an area buzzing with cafes, bars, and restaurants that are as popular with locals as with visitors.

It’s the second largest city of Cyprus with a population of around 200,000 people. It is located on the southern coast of the island of Cyprus. The skyline of Limassol has covered most of its historical past and has given rise to a modern, cosmopolitan appearance. However, the protected ancient monuments of the city hand over a vibrant trail of artefacts and mythical stories. Limassol Castle, The Amathus Ruins and the Mosque of Djami Kebir are a few of the beautiful sights worth visiting.

In addition to that, this city is Cyprus’ international business centre. Despite the financial woes of recent years, there’s again a sense of optimism in the air. Its flashy marina has introduced an atmosphere of glamour, and grittier areas of the town are being revamped. For travellers looking for a holiday that takes in more than sun and sea, Lemesos lies at the very heart of one of the island’s wealthiest areas for exploration.

The port of the city is the largest in the Mediterranean transit trade. It is considered to be an excellent base for those companies doing business with the Middle East, North Africa or Eastern Europe. Limassol’s infrastructure continues to upgrade from all aspects (way of living, education, public construction projects and many more) with the most distinct project of this sort being the Limassol Marina, an exclusive waterfront development combining elegant residences and a full-service marina, with its shopping and dining area in the heart of Limassol.

In recent years Limassol has progressed as one of the largest commercial ports in the Mediterranean region, and it is known as one of the most important centres of tourism, trade and offshore companies. The city is also the business and financial centre of Cyprus as hundreds of international shipping and commercial companies have their headquarters here.

Limassol is famous for its cultural events like Wine Festival and Carnival and for the overall mood of the people who are hospitable and friendly.

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