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EU Citizenship

Starting from 19 March 2014 according to the Cyprus laws, the non-europeans investing in the economy of Cyprus have the opportunity to obtain Cyprus (European) Citizenship. Get your EU Passport in just 90 days and enjoy the freedom of traveling, living, studying, working and making business anywhere in the EU.


Benefits of obtaining a Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit :

  • There are no restrictive requirements in order for any individual seeking to reside in Cyprus. In other words, before, during & after the approval of the citizenship application the applicant can come to Cyprus to stay.

  • Investor can visit Cyprus once every seven years.

  • Being part of the European Union makes Cyprus a gateway for any individual that wishes to travel within Europe. This means that individuals can take the opportunity and travel, work or live within any country of the European Union. Additionally, individuals can travel easily to 148 non-European countries without visa.

  • The Cyprus Citizenship program offers you and your family members access to study and work within European Union countries. Essentially, this gives you the opportunity to enjoy top-quality education available at universities throughout Europe.

  • A very attractive as well as one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe – at only 12.5%.

  • The benefit of protection by the country diplomatic or consular authorities anywhere in Europe.

  • The ability to move throughout any country within the European Union without any difficulty. In addition to that, the EU passport can be expected within 90 days after the submission of the application.


Criteria and information

  • The applicant can invest on one property or multiple properties of a minimum value of €2.000.000 plus V.A.T. if applicable. The investment of €2.000.000 should be kept for 3 years and after this period the applicant can sell said investment. The only requirement after the 3rd year is to maintain a residential property of a minimum value of €500.000.

  • The applicant must hold a clear criminal record.

  • EU Citizenship can apply only for the immediate family of the applicant. In other words, that includes the spouse and dependent children if they are students up to the age of 28.

  • The applicant’s parents are also entitled to apply for an EU Citizenship after the investor has acquired the Cypriot Citizenship. In order to do that, the applicant has to invest an extra €500,000 in a lifetime residence within Cyprus.

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